Registration and Travel Grants

2015 Engineering Graduate Symposium

The Engineering Graduate Symposium at the University of Michigan is open to all prospective Ph.D. and master's students.  This includes University of Michigan undergraduates as well as students attending other institutions across the U.S.  There is no cost to attend the poster sessions featuring U-M current graduate students' research, simply register below. 

Prospective Student Registration:

Non-Travel Grant Seekers (includes U-M undergraduate students and non-U-M students):

For prospective graduate students within relatively close driving distance to Ann Arbor, prospective graduate students who intend to fund their own travel and do not choose to apply for a travel grant, or current U-M undergraduate students with intentions to attend the Engineering Graduate Symposium, there is a separate registration process. Please click here to access the registration form for non-travel grant seekers and U-M undergraduate students. For questions, please contact

Travel Grants Seekers (for students attending only if they receive travel funding):

Accessing the Application

Non-UM students who wish to apply must first create a UM Friend account at the following link:  Be sure to save your login and password information.  After creating a friend account, you can login to the application at any time to update information, upload transcripts/resume/letters of recommendation and see your application status.  If your recommender would prefer not to send you the recommendation letter directly so you can upload it yourself, you can have the recommender send the letter to  If you forget your password you can reset here,

Travel Grant Application Link

You may access the application through the following link:

Travel Grant Application Criteria:

  • The due date for completed applications is Friday, October 2, 2015.
  • Applicants must intend to pursue a Ph.D. degree program (the University of Michigan allows students to apply for a Ph.D. program directly after their bachelor's degree).
  • Primary preference in awarding travel grants is given to students with junior status; students that will be applying for admission for fall 2017 term.
  • Secondary preference in awarding travel grants is given to seniors and masters students who will be applying for admission for fall 2016 term.  Freshman and sophomores are not eligible. 
  • Travel grants funded by the College of Engineering are open to all applicants.  Travel grants funded by NSF-AGEP are subject to NSF-AGEP requirements.
  • U.S. Citizens, Permanent Residents and international students living in the U.S. are all eligible for travel grants (students residing overseers are not eligible).
  • In general, students with a minimum cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.50+ have the strongest case for travel grant acceptance; students should review general graduate admission requirements for their engineering department of interest. There are a limited number of travel grants available, so all eligible applicants cannot be selected.
  • Complete travel grant application; upload unofficial transcripts (all classes completed through August 2015), 1 letter of recommendation from a STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) faculty, and a resume.
    Note: you may submit letters of recommendation with your online application or have them emailed to

Selection & Notification:

  • Travel grant applications will be reviewed by faculty in the department/program of interest.
  • Travel grant applications will be selected on a rolling basis. 
  • Most students will be notified by phone/email by early October if they are selected to receive a travel grant.

Note: Travel grant recipients receive airfare/mileage, hotel, local transportation and meals from Thursday through Saturday.

The tentative schedule is as follows:
10/29/15 Thursday Arrival:  2:00 - 5:00 PM ET or onward arrival flights
10/29/15 Thursday Evening: 7:00 PM onward Dinner and Social Activities
10/30/15 Friday Day: Engineering Graduate Symposium
10/30/15 Friday Evening: Dinner and Social Activities; Free Time in Ann Arbor/Campus
10/31/15 Saturday through noon: Ann Arbor/Campus Bus Tour, Lunch, Student Panel
10/31/15 Saturday afternoon: Program ends at noon; 2:00 PM ET onward departure flights

Feel free to contact with questions.