Contacts and Committees

Contact Information

For general questions about the Symposium, please email

Prospective students please email  If you have questions about the travel grant program, please email

Sponsors please contact

Office of Graduate Education Staff

 Name  Position  Email
 Kim Elliott  Director for Graduate Education Programs
 Tiffany Porties  Assistant Director for Graduate Education Programs
 Andria Rose  Coordinator for Graduate Education Programs
 Shira Washington  Coordinator for Graduate Education Programs

Symposium Prospective Student Activity Planning Committee

Name Department Email
Yadrianna Acosta IOE
Mohammad Alzuabi ME
Laura Andre ECE
Sarah Cusson Aero
Leanna Foster Macro
Lucca Henrion ME
Lucy Pinheiro ChE
Daniel Quevedo BME
Donald Richardson IOE
Alyssa Travitz Macro
Stephen Vicchio ChE

Symposium Planning Committee


Department Position Email 
 Pinar Acar  Aero  MDM Session Chair & Judge Recruiter
 Abdullah Alshelahi  IOE  Judge Recruiter 
 Lydia Atangcho  ChE  Publicity
 Doga Can Su Ozturk  CLASP  SPS Session Chair
 Chih-Kang Chang  Rob  Logistics
 Stephanie Crocker  ECE  PEN Session Chair 
 Colleen Crouch  ME  Co-Chair
 Ahmet Emre  BME  Co-Chair 
 Katherine Flanigan  CEE  Logistics 
 Ryan Hall  Macro  TCB Session Chair 
 Ross Hartley  Rob  CDR Session Chair
 Amina Hussein  AP  AEP Session Chair & Judge Recruiter
 Mohsen Jafari  ECE  OPS Session Chair
 Justin Koczak  ME  ATE Session Chair & Logistics
 Charles Leak  NERS  NRS Session Chair 
 Qi Luo  IOE  IOF Session Chair
 Tianhui (Maria) Ma  ChE  Sponsor Recruiter 
 Christopher Marley  Aero  Editor & Logistics
 Annareli Morales  CLASP  ACS Session Chair
 Maya Nath  MS&E  MSE Session Chair & Judge Recruiter
 Renato Navarro  Macro  Editor 
 Morteza Noushad Iranzad  CSE  SIC Session Chair
 Sophia Pilipchuk  BME  Towner Session Chair & Logistics 
 Vyas Ramasubramani  ChE  CPH Session Chair & Judge Recruiter
 Donald Richardson  IOE  Logistics
 Nima Salehi Sadghiani  IOE  Co-Chair
 Niral Shah  NERS  NRS Session Chair
 Morteza Sheikhsofla  ECE   SCE Session Chair 
 Daniel Shy  NERS  NRS Session Chair
 Reza Soroushmehr  CSE  SIC Session Chair
 Emine Sumeyra Turali Emre  BME  EBS Session Chair 
 Stephen Vicchio  ChE  FAT Session Chair & Judge Recruiter 
 Yang (Angela) Wang  ChE  MTR Session Chair
 Donguk (Max) Yang  ECE  IVM Session Chair 
 Yuxi (Erin) Zhang  NAME  CEE Session Chair & Publicity 
 Yiying Zhu  BME  Publicity