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Travel Grants (Non-U-M Students)

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Travel Grants (Non-U-M Students)

Is there any cost to attend the Engineering Graduate Symposium?
No, the event is free for all current and prospective graduate students who wish to attend. The day-long event includes lunch and refreshments; thus the only costs would include your personal travel expenses. Travel Grants are available for prospective students who meet eligibility requirements.

What do the travel grants pay for?
Students awarded a travel grant will receive roundtrip airfare to the Detroit Metro Airport, local transportation in Ann Arbor and to/from the airport, hotel accommodations, and on-campus meals.

Is applying for the travel grant for the Engineering Graduate Symposium and applying to a graduate program at the University of Michigan the same?
No, applying for the travel grant is for a three-day campus visit. It is not an official graduate admissions application.

Can I apply for the travel grant if I have not yet officially applied to a graduate program at the University of Michigan?
Yes, in fact most prospective students attending the Symposium will use the experience to decide if they should apply to Michigan.

If I don’t get accepted for the travel grant does that mean I cannot apply to graduate school at the University of Michigan or that I am not qualified for graduate studies at the University?
If you are not selected for the travel grant, it does not mean that you will not be eligible for graduate studies at Michigan. Funding for the travel grant is limited and is separate from the official graduate admissions process.

What if I want to schedule appointments with specific faculty members during my visit?
The departmental visit portion of the day will allow students an opportunity to meet faculty. If you want to arrange something specific then you should contact the appropriate departmental graduate coordinators to see what possibilities might exist.

Do prospective students present research at the Symposium?
No, they attend poster sessions featuring U-M current graduate students’ research.

Schedule, Presenters, Prizes

Why are posters divided into sessions versus by department?
The goal of the Symposium is to bring the whole Michigan Engineering community together. 
We would like for students in different departments to intermingle, see each other’s work, and learn how to communicate to a non-expert engineering audience. We also would like students to feel comfortable by competing only against their peers; that’s why we grouped posters based on progress toward degree.

I’m not sure which session my work fits into. What should I do?
We ask that you carefully go over each of the session descriptions. Feel free to choose ANY session you think is relevant to your research, irrespective of your department. If you still have additional concerns, email the chairs for help:

What are the exact room locations for the events during the Symposium?
All final room locations will be determined after the start of fall classes and posted on the website.

Presenting sounds too stressful. I have other conferences to go to. I don’t have time. Is it a lot of work?
Well, if you’re making a poster from scratch, then it’ll be a little bit of work. Feel free to modify any posters you have already created for any fall technical conferences using our template. If you change your existing poster around a little, it should not be that bad. This is supposed to be a relaxed venue for you to practice your skills among your peers. This is also the perfect venue to practice where you’ll receive instant feedback on your presentations.

Who will be judging the sessions for the prizes?
There will be at least three faculty judges per student in each session, but possibly more.

I have a class on Friday afternoons or another commitment. When will I know what time my presentation will be?
If you have specific time constraints you can email the session chairs after we receive your abstract.

Will I be able to format my poster as I would like?
Sorry, but no. We have a specific template we use, and it will be printed at no cost to you.

Is this a formal event?  Do I actually have to wear a tie/suit?
Business attire is recommended for presenters.